Newcastle Upon Tyne,
Assorted Garments & Lifestyle Products
Informed by academic exploration and analysis, ffog presents musings on humans, objects, environments, and the symbiotic bonds that connect them.

Themes are inspired by the discrete stories of people through time, their interactions with the world and the subsequent reverberation that exists within the body, the artifacts it designs and habitat it exists in. ffog allows the research to dictate the perspective, encouraging a variety of outputs within the realms of fashion, product and the visual arts.

‘Sunshine Men’ is the first drop from ffog and consists of a collection of garments and lifestyle products that were designed and made over 2020/2021. Initial inspiration was taken from the concept of ‘work’, specifically how we engage with the environment to cultivate purpose, and how that affects us over time.

This collection was handmade (or upcycled) in a small home studio in Heaton, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. In some cases, garments are made from 100% upcycled fabrics and naturally dyed with madder, logwood and turmeric using rainwater. All garments are 1 of 1.

The t-shirts were screen-printed by @merchbitch in the North-East of England on Earth Positive EP18 heavy cotton blanks.