Newcastle Upon Tyne,
Patchwork Quilts
JACOB’s project ‘Many Hands’ has been selected as a recipient of the 2023 National Trust North East Emerging Artist Award. He’ll be making 3 quilts out of upcycled textiles to be exhibited at Seaton Delaval in Summer 2024. 


Jacob Goff - “Many Hands”

Upcycled textiles and lost property

For this project, Jacob was interested in Seaton Delaval Hall’s transition from private home of extravagance to public space for communion. Particularly, inspiration has been taken from the astounding effort that the volunteer workforce put in to keep the hall running.

Using his preferred medium of upcycled materials from various sources including the Hall’s lost property box, Jacob proposes to create a series of hanging textile quilts, each highlighting an area of work that the hall’s volunteers do to keep the space hospitable for all. Mirroring the portraiture of the Delaval’s that already decorate the walls. Jacob aim’s to represent the volunteer workforce as an essential part of the modern day existence of Seaton Delaval Hall.